Bring your items to us or schedule a pick-up

You come to us:
Bring your items in to our showrooms.
Let us review your item and give you a price estimate.

We come to you:
We also offer a personal pick-up service for certain brands and bag types.

Please schedule an appointment by
phone +60102203384

In some cases, we may require detailed description and/or photographs of the item prior to confirming a pick-up appointment.

We do all the work for you

As we only deal with 100% genuine items, our experts examine every item for authenticity and quality. We will photograph, list and hopefully be able to sell your items both online and in our showrooms. To assist us, we would ask you to provide us with as much information as possible about your items ie. invoices, original dust bag, authenticity cards etc.

The minimum consignment period is 2 months.

A fee will be charged for early termination of consignment.

Direct buy off/buy off cash:
For some items, we may decide to buy it directly off you.

Just bring your items in or contact us at +60102203384
for more details.

How you get paid

After a successful sale of your item, you will receive a cheque as payment. As an added service, we can also arrange to bank the cheque into your nominated bank account.

Direct Buy Off/Buy Off Cash:
If we decide to buy your item directly off you, we will either arrange to issue a cheque or execute an online transfer directly into your nominated bank account.